VeriSM Plus Course - 4 of 6: The VeriSM Model (en-gb)


Learn how to define, produce and provide products and services

Service management operating model

    1. The benefits of an operating model
    2. The VeriSM model

Governance & service management principles

    1. Good governance
    2. Services & principles
    3. The benefits of service management
    4. Policy areas

The management mesh

    1. Four categories
    2. Building the mesh

Define, produce, provide & respond

    1. Activities for Define
    2. Consumer need
    3. Supporting outcomes
    4. Solution
    5. Service blueprint
    6. Activities for Produce
    7. Change control
    8. Organisational readiness
    9. Build, test, implement & validate
    10. Activities for Provide
    11. Marketing
    12. Steps in promotional development
    13. Activities for Respond
    14. Requests, issues & source events

Adapting & measuring the VeriSM model

    1. Adapting the VeriSM model
    2. Integrating management practices
    3. Operating model success factors
    4. Lagging vs. leading indicators
    5. Services deliver results
    6. Value perception

VeriSM Plus Course - 4 of 6

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