ITIL Foundation Course - 6 of 8: Service Operation

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When it's broke, fix it as quickly and painlessly as possible

Introduction to service operation

    1. Purpose, objectives & scope
    2. Value to the business
    3. Good communication

Event management

    1. Purpose, objectives & scope
    2. Event
    3. Alert

Request fulfillment

    1. Purpose, objectives & scope
    2. Service request

Incident management

    1. Purpose, objectives & scope
    2. Key terms
    3. Incident status tracking
    4. Sample priority coding
    5. Incident escalation
    6. Activities
    7. Incident closure checklist
    8. Interfaces

Problem management

    1. Purpose, objectives & scope
    2. Reactive & proactive problem management
    3. Incident vs. problems
    4. Key terms
    5. Activities
    6. Errors detected in the development environment
    7. Interfaces

Access management

Service desk

    1. Roles, justification & objectives
    2. Organizational structures
    3. Specialized service desks

Technical management

Application management

    1. Roles & objectives
    2. Application development & management teams

IT operations management

    1. Roles
    2. IT operations control
    3. Facilities management
    4. Objectives

ITIL Foundation Course - 6 of 8

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