Our story

A good story has a clear beginning, middle and end. At GoodCert, we’re in the middle of our journey. We have a great beginning that makes us never want to get to the end.

We admit it: we’re a little different

GoodCert is an online, direct-to-you, interactive, engaging (can we throw in a few more adjectives here?) training company. No travel is required and you can access classes anywhere, at any time.

We’re truly short-form learning, and we go where you go. But where did we start?

Some insight into our journey

Launched by Jace Finman, GoodCert began its life as SMME, a global training organization. When Jace and his business partner separated, he acquired the US branch under the moniker of Certwiz.

Both companies did the same thing: sent trainers to locations across the globe to provide face-to-face classroom learning. We taught courses for certification within the IT management realm, including ITIL, Lean IT, COBIT and DevOps. Students had to come to us and sit in a classroom for days.

While effective, this type of course delivery cut into our busy students’ time. In a matter of years, our trainers had flown more than 2 million miles to deliver classes to 4,000 IT professionals in 10 countries.

What we learned was that, no matter where we were, the challenge was always the same: IT was constantly being asked to do more with less.

We felt their pain (and yours). We decided that something different was needed to continue to provide value. But we had to do it in a way that didn’t interfere with our students' busy jobs and lives.

That’s when we shifted gears and became GoodCert. We still offer the same classes for the same audience, but what changed was our delivery method. And that’s because Jace rediscovered YouTube and the power of video.

The power of video

Video is immediate. It’s easily accessible and fun—at least more fun than sitting in a classroom for hours on end. You can hit pause and take a coffee break. You can watch when it’s convenient for your schedule. It’s a must for the 21st century, and it’s the way GoodCert is changing the world of IT training.

The way we do business

At GoodCert, we help you learn best practices that provide the structure you need to make your work more relevant to your business.

Our trainers teach you how to transform IT from “good enough” to “excelling” by going beyond the chaos and applying the lessons of leading IT organizations. We teach you best practices so you don’t have to guess anymore; you’ll know what works.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the classroom. But in a classroom setting, we can only help hundreds of IT professionals each year. By moving to a virtual classroom, we can reach millions. And we’re just not like other online training companies. We promise!

Choose GoodCert

If you’ve been disappointed and disillusioned by the online courses you’ve taken, you’re in for a refreshing change. We’re lifting the veil and creating a fun, engaging setting that keeps you interested.

Delivered in 10-15 minute bites, our training modules get right down to business. They touch on what’s affecting you and your team.

We’re GoodCert, and we didn’t choose that name by accident. We give you great training and certification programs that help you rise above.

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