ITIL 4 Foundation: Course FAQs (en-gb)

About ITIL 4

What's ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 is designed to ensure a flexible, coordinated and integrated system for the effective management of IT-enabled services.

What's it about?

ITIL 4 updates established IT service management (ITSM) practices by providing a wider context of customer experience, value streams and digital transformation.

How's it different from ITIL V3?

ITIL 4 targets a broader audience, so basic concepts and new value models are prominent.

V3 overlap can be found in the management practices where topics like incident and problem management are covered at an introductory level.

What are the four dimensions?

The four dimensions, collectively, are critical to facilitating value for consumers and other stakeholders. They include organisations & people, information & technology, partners & suppliers and value streams & processes.

What's the service value system (SVS)?

The SVS describes how all components and activities of an organisation work together, as a system, to enable value creation. It has been specifically architected to discourage siloed working.

What's the service value chain (SVC)?

The SVC is the heart of the SVS. Its six value chain activities use combinations of ITIL practices, drawing on internal or external resources, processes and skills as necessary.

What are the guiding principles?

These 7 principles are intended to help an organisation adopt and adapt ITIL. They support good decisions of all types, at all levels.

What are management practices?

Management practices are sets of organisational resources designed to perform work and achieve objectives.

The ITIL SVS includes 34 management practices: 14 general, 17 service and 3 technical, all of which are subject to the four dimensions.

Why is ITIL 4 considered “best practice”?

ITIL 4 includes proven activities or practices used by organisations throughout the IT industry to manage their services.

How can it be used in business?

ITIL 4 defines a common approach to performing IT activities, providing a reference of proven techniques that can be adopted and adapted by your organisation.

What does ITIL 4 provide?

You’ll receive a glossary of tightly defined and widely agreed-upon terms that enable consumers, providers and suppliers to speak a common language.

Where did ITIL originate?

When Margaret Thatcher was the UK’s prime minister, she instructed government IT departments to document best practices, which led to the first release of ITIL in 1989.

Who's it for?

ITIL 4 is for any IT provider, regardless of size, technology or the industry they support.

About ITIL 4 Foundation

What's ITIL 4 Foundation?

This 5-pack of online, self-paced, accredited training courses for IT professionals provides a framework of terminology, best practices and guidance for service management.

What's covered?

It covers the four dimensions, service value system (SVS), service value chain (SVC), guiding principles and practices of ITIL 4 as well as other service management concepts.

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What's the purpose?

The training imparts, tests and validates knowledge of best practices as documented in the ITIL 4 Foundation publication.

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Why should someone take it?

It outlines why an organisation should adopt ITIL best practices and the impact of taking them on. It also fulfils the prerequisities for moving up to the Managing Professional (MP) and Strategic Leader (SL) designations.

Who should take it?

It's perfect for IT professionals who need a basic understanding of ITIL 4 and its application in the workplace.

Are there any prerequisites?

Although there are no mandatory prerequisites, a basic knowledge of, and experience in, IT is beneficial.

How do you get ITIL 4 Foundation certified?

For certification, candidates must pass a 40-question, 60-minute, multiple-choice exam. The passing score is 65% or 26 out of 40 answers must be correct.

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Do you offer an ITIL 4 Foundation bridge?

Given the limited overlap with previous versions, a bridge certification exam has not been released by AXELOS.

To fully comprehend the differences and succeed on the exam, ITIL 4 Foundation should be taken in its entirety.