Storytelling: Learning Through Experience

Storytelling: learning through experience

For most of us, it started in childhood: our parents would put us to sleep by reading us a story. We learned about the world through the stories in books and concocted fantasy tales as well as anecdotes shared with us by parents, grandparents and family friends.

As we grew up, the information that stuck with us most was typically shared through storytelling. So can storytelling be used to help us learn in a more traditional training environment?

Take a quick assessment of your memories, those experiences that live in your brain and come to you time and again. Most of them center around a story. And it’s always a story that relates to you and your other experiences.

Unfortunately, our brains can also create stories that cause us to build up “truths,” some of which aren’t really true. This can happen with learning. If you have a story about how you learn or how successful you are in a learning environment, that can influence how you feel about learning as you grow up.

Change your story, change your experience

Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, is the study of how our subconscious minds learn. Simply put, when you say you can do something, you can; when you say you can’t, you can’t.

Whatever you focus on is what you innately believe, so if you focus on how hard an exam will be, the exam will be hard. Likewise, if you focus on the fact that you’re successful and will ace an exam, you are more likely to succeed.

If you want to change your story and create a better learning environment, you need to start with changing your inner dialog. It’s okay to acknowledge that something new or scary can be challenging, but how will you approach it? Tell yourself that you know it’s hard, but you can do this. You can win at learning.

Create success online

When you take a class with GoodCert, you’ll see that we focus on how we learn. It’s important to identify how we learn and then experience that reality.

While the story you’ve been telling yourself might be that you learn one way, the experience may be that you learn in a completely different way. We share stories about ourselves and our experiences, and your GoodCert trainers will share stories that show how the training can be applied in the real world.

It all comes together through storytelling, transforming what might have been an anxious experience into one that will create a positive memory—as well as a wealth of knowledge.

So get ready to learn in a way that you may have never thought possible. Once you change your story, you may even find that learning becomes easier, less challenging, and possibly more fun!

Check out our courses to see where you can make a difference and begin a new story.

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